Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Christmas at the Dog and Duck

Ellie Browne has left behind her high-flying job in London to return to the charming Buckinghamshire village of Little Leyton. Working shifts at The Dog and Duck and running her own doggy-day-care business, Ellie’s looking for a much simpler way of life and a good old fashioned Christmas.
But Little Leyton’s landscape is changing; Johnny Tay, Ellie’s ex, wants to pick up where they left off; sultry property developer Max Golding, has moved into the village and is ruffling feathers; and rumour has it that the pub, which holds a special place in Ellie’s heart, might be sold. Suddenly, life’s looking a whole lot more complicated…
Can Ellie juggle her emotions and commitments in time to celebrate Christmas?

When I first read the summary I thought this was going to be an adorable Christmas story about a woman and animals she worked with in a pet related business called the Dog and Duck. I got part of it right. This is a story about Ellie who returned home to Little Leyton to stay. She is working at the Dog and Duck pub and running her own dog walking business.

I expected there to be more of a Christmas atmosphere in the book since Christmas is in the title. The tale spans over a year and Christmas really comes to play in at the end.

With that being said I very much enjoyed this read. It was an adorable and fun love story. The ending was my favorite part and I can't give anything away but it made me happy.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. I recommend Christmas at the Dog and Duck to any readers who enjoy fun romantic stories. Thank you to Netgalley, Aria publishing and the wonderful author, Jill Steeples. I will enjoy reading more of her books.

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