Monday, October 17, 2016

Bookmark DIY: Duct Tape Bookmark Corner

This is a super easy super quick diy bookmark. I made it in under 3 minutes and used items I had around the house. 

All you need are scissors, duct tape and a used envelope. I'm using junk mail envelopes because I have plenty. 

First I held up the envelope to the duct tape to judge where to cut so the corner has some excess tape on top. The only part of the corner you want meeting the edge of the duct tape is opening.

Make a small cut where you want to start. Don't mind my foot hahaha.

Cut the edge off the envelope, it doesn't have to be perfect.

Judge how long the tape needs to be.

Lay the envelope corner on the duct tape lining the bottom's edge together. Like I said earlier, leave a little space at the top so the other side has something to stick to.

Cut a 2nd piece of duct tape for the other side of the bookmark. You don't have to use the same design tape if you don't want to. You can have different sides. It would make things more fun.

Make sure the bottom can still open up.

Cut the excess tape away on both sides.

Just make sure when you cut the tape away that you do not cut right up against the envelope corner. Leave a little bit of room so the corner still stays intact and the duct tape is sticking to itself just past the outside corner lines. As you can see mine is not a perfect triangle but it doesn't need to be which is perfect because I suck at cutting out perfect triangles.

Slip it on the corner of the page you want to save.

It will hang out of the book a little but that just makes it easier to find.

And there you have it. Cute easy bookmarks that are fun to make.

What designs did you use? Did you tweak the design and use bubble scissors or add embellishments?
Add you pictures in the comments. Hope you enjoyed!


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